The sole ethos of We Inspire Ltd. is to host and create events that inspire and empower girls/women to maximize their true potential and to find their purpose which leads to a successful and abundant life.

We Inspire...

We Inspire Ltd. purposefully creates positive platforms and events that, fortify and build a positive mental attitude; improve lives through the spoken word and impart base knowledge and strategies on the how-to necessary to attract and execute the Laws of Success. The flagship brand is We Inspire Women, now in its 2nd year and sub-brand, We Inspire Girls.

Cortia Bingham

We Inspire Ltd, owned and operated by Cortia Bingham, Marketing, Sponsorship and PR Specialist, was created with the sole purpose to uplift and empower Women/Girls, to live their best lives NOW. Cortia Bingham has worked in the Media, Entertainment and Events Industry for more than 12 years. A native of Montego Bay, Cortia Bingham has employed the habit of consistent hard work and commitment to her goals, which has paid off in her accomplishments and many aspirational accolades. Her resume includes 7 years at The RJR Communications Group, 3 years with Kingston Bridal Week and Wedding Spectacular, 3 years with SPF Weekend, Sioree and Marbana and 1 year with the acclaimed nightclub in Kingston, Fiction Night Club. She made significant inroads with corporate Jamaica, as she consistently garnered their support for projects she represented. These companies include, J.Wray and Nephew Ltd. , Diageo, Scotia Bank, Jamaica National, JNGI, Lasco Manufacturing Ltd., The Jamaica Observer, Chas E Ramson, T.Geddes Grant, Digicel and National Commercial Bank, just to name a few. She is a wife and proud mother of one daughter.